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Qi Gong (Chi Kung)

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      Qi gong is the art of moving qi without martial intent. Through gentle physical exercise, the body is encouraged to generate and move qi to balance yin and yang in the body by nourishing specific organs and activating meridians. The practice of qi gong leads to increased internal power which can be used in a variety of ways, and this health-based pursuit benefits both old and young alike. The qi gong systems taught here are accessible to all, and include Five Animal Qi Gong (turtle, crane, snake, tiger and dragon). The pivot of qi gong and the mainstay of Wudang Kung Fu is the practice of standing stake; a stationery standing meditation that with repeated practice benefits health, kung fu skill and life as a whole.

     Medical uses

      The healing art of qi gong is widely gaining authority in the Western medical world as, amongst other things, an excellent aftercare system for patients recovering from cancer. However, prevention is easier than cure, and many practitioners believe qi gongs immune-boosting properties help prevent illnesses from the common cold right through to cancer.

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