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Bagua Zhang

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      Bagua zhang (eight trigram palm) is a physical expression of the philosophy of the Yi Jing (I Ching). Since the universe is in a constant state of flux between yin and yang, so we must adapt to survive, and to help us with this we have the resourceful and varied practice of bagua zhang. Characterised by fast, circling movements and oblique attacks with the open palm as opposed to direct strikes with the fist, the bagua zhang practitioner weaves around the opponent, twisting and turning to evade strikes and deliver unpredictable blows.

     Health benefits

      Bagua's spiralling movements and tight turns increase the flexibility and resilience of the body. Practice creates spiralling muscles which are strong on many angles of usage, as opposed to the straight muscles created by standard exercise which can only use their strength in one direction.

      Martial benefits

      Bagua zhang uses the same idea of softness seen in taiji, and injects a more overt usage of power by moving quickly during practice. Basic foundation training includes walking in precise circles around an imaginary opponent, thus bagua improves awareness of the feet and tightens up footwork and stance technique. By becoming used to the idea of attacking and deflecting from all angles, the practitioner also becomes a more adaptable fighter.

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